Inala Technology Solutions

About The Founder

The founder of Inala Technology Solutions, David Roberts, has spent over 30 years in the IT industry in roles that cover a wide range of commercial and technical environments, ranging from support, data migration, website optimisation and project management, all the way through to direct and partner sales.

In the last year alone he has worked with over 100 sole traders and small businesses, understanding their needs and advising on their eBusiness strategy. The one thing that 90% of them had in common was that either they had no website but wanted one, or had a website that was old or inadequate and was doing nothing for their business.

Considering a website is often a significant expense for most businesses, to justify the outlay it really needs to show a measurable return on that investment. Using modern technology and incorporating social media (think of it as digital marketing) into the mix, it is quite possible to derive a real return from the investment in a website. It also needs to be affordable.

This is the way it should be.



“David was appointed our channel manager by Rusada and took his position very well taking in account the goals and objectives of both companies. David is a driven professional, who is both experienced at the business development and sales area. It has been a real pleasure working with him.”
~~ Marcel van Velthoven, Managing Director SKF AMS

Managed FZ LLC

David was engaged as an agent in the UK to enable Managed to extend its marketing and sales reach beyond the United Arab Emirates. Using David’s many years’ experience in the UK and European marketplace, he has developed an understanding of the potential for Managed’s products and has been instrumental in our negotiations with a major distributor in the UK and Europe.
“David has done an excellent job of investigating, in detail, the UK market in relation to our products and has progressed very well…”
~~ S. S., CEO Managed FZ LLC.