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BrandHawk Alpha

BrandHawk Alpha is a comprehensive social & online threat audit & assessment package which searches for and identifies possible risks due to hackers, information leakage, false profiles, phishing websites, and more.

The growth of and increasing importance of social media platforms around the world is staggering and well beyond most people’s comprehension. As a result many organizations feel vulnerable online and are forever looking for ways to control information shared by their employees on these platforms. Inevitably information that may be confidential or proprietary often leaks out due to staff negligence or lack of awareness.

Here’s how BrandHawk Alpha does it:

BrandHawk Alpha begins by auditing an organization’s online and social media footprint, and from this creates a rich archive of all relevant postings on social media, blogs, websites, and the Darkweb. In 2-3 weeks, all the resulting cleaned data is displayed on a high-level dashboard, and comes with a report with recommendations on the risks and relevant takedowns.

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