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BrandHawk Beta

BrandHawk Beta is a comprehensive website security service that ensures the safety of your websites & web applications.

The irony is that the more successful your business or organisation is online, the more likely it is that you have painted a target on your website for cybercriminals to aim at. Success on the Internet comes at a price. Once a hacker injects malware or poisons your DNS, the company’s public face is no longer seen as reliable and visits and sales will decrease correspondingly. Recovering reputation is a slow process and your business may even be the subject of online legend - to wit, Target, Iranian nuclear plants (Stuxnet), China attacking Google, News of The World phone hacking, the Sony hack, and so the list goes on.

Here’s how BrandHawk Beta does it:

BrandHawk Beta monitors high-visibility websites such as yours for fast loading, unauthorized content change, availability, and defacement. It monitors the homepage & all deep pages and links on the website. In addition, Beta scans for broken images and links & DNS poisoning. Vulnerability scans and penetration tests are also conducted, and an optional backup of the website’s code can be deposited off-site.

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