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BrandHawk iMonitor

i-Monitor delivers a complete compliance monitoring service that searches, detects, and reports on non-compliance, and ensures the public is following the set guidelines.

Governments are constantly creating and revising online activity regulations with which the general public needs to comply and adhere to. Companies providing products through partner companies need to monitor accreditation while managing the grey market that inevitably grows from success (did you know that the biggest selling operating system in the world is not Microsoft Windows but bootleg Microsoft Windows? Alongside this thriving industry exist falsely ‘accredited’ service providers that make this statistic possible). Stemming from the need to serve the public effectively and maintain market reputation, the biggest problem an organisation faces is providing the manpower required to manage and investigate legitimate compliance in order to protect the public from false claims and associated dangers. In reality this is impossible in today’s world of fiscal constraint.

Here’s how BrandHawk i-Monitor does it:

Using sophisticated online search and analysis tools, i-Monitor searches for logo associations and phishing domains, while monitoring online content, websites, social media, and the Darkweb for spurious claims of accreditation. All results are displayed on a custom-built dashboard, which provides actionable reports and takedown targets.

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