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BrandHawk is an all-inclusive online brand threat detection & mitigation service; it combines advanced monitoring software & algorithms with human vigilance & analysis, making the results hard to beat.

High profile government organizations & successful private-sector businesses are facing significant threats online from both criminals and ‘enemy’ government-funded hackers. There’s not a day that goes by without hearing of the hacking of a major organization’s website through fake profiles, phishing software injection, DNS poisoning, or uploaded malware. The recent American election scandals highlight the subversive risk to government organisations.

Government organizations and companies across a wide spectrum of business sectors use BrandHawk as their de facto tool to discover and eliminate brand abuse. BrandHawk uses a variety of tools and detection software, with all results analysed by real humans to remove false positives, the results then being displayed on a custom-built dashboard, perfect for a NOC/SOC environment.

Here’s how BrandHawk does it:

  • BrandHawk combs the Internet and Darkweb for any fake profiles, phishing websites, fake jobsites, leaked confidential data, and more.
  • All alerts are manually verified by our analysts in our Online Threat Centre.
  • All confirmed data is placed on a real-time dashboard, showing current and historic threats, complete with reports and alerts, all in one secure location.
  • With appropriate approval from the client, we actively file takedown requests and take further actions to mitigate discovered threats.

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