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Elthamread website

Elthamread is a local initiative to promote reading in the community. Choosing a book, reading it and discussing it is nothing new, there are dozens of these book groups all over SE9, London. Bringing them together to socialise, meet new people and discuss a book in common is becoming a modern phenomenon, all enabled by the Internet.

elthamread charity pro bonoTo make these initiatives thrive in a diverse community the Internet is essential. Using Facebook and a website this very first attempt to bring people together has been an overwhelming success.

From the very first day the initiative went live there have been nearly 600 relevant visits to the website alone! The Facebook page has had 176 likes.

Inala Technology Solutions has been instrumental in its success having provided hosting and website services, pro bono. We will be providing ongoing support as this initiative gains in popularity, helping to enhance its original goals and help more and more people achieve their literary goals.

One of our business concepts is to help the local community. Not only do we provide realistically priced website, but we also offer competitively priced online training courses and will always be available for free advice to SME all over the South East of England.

If you have a similar initiative that might benefit from this sort of assistance, feel free to get in touch to find out whether we can assist you moving forward.