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Social Media or Digital Marketing

Social Media or Digital Marketing

Social Media or Digital Marketing - Does your business need it?

Let's get something straight, I'm not talking about fuzzy kitten or photos of your lunch/dinner aspect of social media, I'm referring to the potential of getting in front of the largest audience ever - and at a relatively low cost. From hereon in I'll call it digital marketing, that should remove any fluffy ideas on the subject!

twitter bird inala technology solutionsType 'social media business' into any search engine and you will receive millions of hits - I received 453 million when I did it! It's interesting that out of all this you can distil the results into surprisingly few facts. Here are some of them:

  • The use of digital media is a great idea and will almost certainly benefit your business - maybe not your bottom line but certainly online goodwill and that's nothing to be sneezed at.
  • If you have something to announce it would be nice to do it to a room with people in it. Soc - sorry, I mean digital marketing, enables this quickly and relatively painlessly.
  • It's free - or it isn't. Although you can use any of these platforms free of charge (you can pay for additional facilities of course, that's how they make their money after all) the real cost is your time.
    Some will tell you that you have to tweet or write to your Facebook timeline dozens of times a day to make headway, spend inordinate amounts of time chatting to your audience members and barely have time for work at all. Well, you can do that if you wish, or you can focus your efforts by working out the best time of day to catch your audience and tuning a few good keystrokes to achieve your goals.
    I personally spend no more than half an hour on digital marketing in any one day unless I have a specific goal to achieve. Consistency and quality is more valuable than quantity.
  • One thing I can tell you is that using digital marketing generates some amazingly detailed data for analysis. I know marketing gurus who would have killed for this quality data 10 to 15 years ago and now you can get it free of charge!

social media inala technology solutionsWhatever you read on the Internet about social media, like everything else you do in your business, consider what you want to achieve and set up appropriate actions to achieve it. You don't need an expert in digital marketing to tell you about your business or your clientele.

As with your website, digital marketing is about driving increased revenue and brand recognition. I'm not out to be your digital marketing expert, I only want to help you realise the potential of doing it yourself!

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