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Social Media or Digital Marketing

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Social Media or Digital Marketing – Does your business need it? Let’s get something straight, I’m not talking about fuzzy kitten or photos of your lunch/dinner aspect of social media, I’m referring to the potential of getting in front of the largest audience ever – and at a relatively low cost. From hereon in I’ll … Read moreSocial Media or Digital Marketing

Passwords and Online Banking

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There are many instances of people being refused compensation when their online banking account has been hacked. Banks especially say their customer, the victim, somehow undermined their own security. Banks pay particular attention to the quality of the password and will frequently accuse the customer of making it too simple. They have also been known … Read morePasswords and Online Banking

Ten Useful Digital Marketing Tips

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Marketing on the Internet can feel rather chaotic – a lot of effort and seemingly little return. There are very many hurdles you need to leap in order to be successful – from getting buy-in from those with budgetary approval through to deciding what you believe will work for your company. While there are many … Read moreTen Useful Digital Marketing Tips

Problems With Marketing Business Online

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Most people are not marketeers; marketing business online is a significant challenge. Most people start a business around a good idea, that’s why half of all start-ups fail within five years – the idea isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just how they go about generating sales. Here are some tips that might help you make the … Read moreProblems With Marketing Business Online

Problems With Building Your Own Website

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Building your own website seems like a great idea. I tried it many years ago; I’d had over 30 years’ experience in IT and thought I had the skills it took to build a real cracker using the hoster’s own website building tool. I couldn’t have been more wrong! After creating what I thought was … Read moreProblems With Building Your Own Website

Author Website – Do You Need One?

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I have been writing books since 2011. I always believed I had a book in me and it turns out I was right! What I didn’t realise was that by the time I began my writing career I would have to perform my own marketing with little assistance from anyone else. Then I built myself … Read moreAuthor Website – Do You Need One?